5 rainbow colourways to use in your next crochet project!

I often get asked what colours I use in my crochet projects, so today I’ve compiled a list of the colourways I most frequently use!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Celine, you always use the same colours, how could you possibly make a whole blog post on that!?’ Great question, I thought the same thing! Surprisingly, there are so many shade variations and combinations within the 6 (yes, I know a rainbow has 7 colours) main colours that I was able to make this list of 5!

These colourways were put together based on their aesthetic – I’m not well-versed in the subject of colour theory, I thought they just looked pretty!  😛
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img_4869Corner to corner crochet is one of my favourite crochet stitch methods- hopefully by the end of this pattern it’ll be one of yours too!

This pattern contains a brief introduction into C2C, along with charts and written instructions on how to make this cushion.